Saturday, March 17, 2012

Preston's Latest Thing

About 2 weeks ago Preston decided it would be more fun to have his clothes off than on. This includes his diaper, which is very scary for me. It is driving me crazy to have Preston all dressed and ready to go and then find that he has taken everything off and I have to get him ready again. Usually he will go off by himself or go under the table because he knows it is a no-no. Yesterday he woke up from his nap, took off his clothes and his diaper and peed in his bed. I had no idea he was even awake until I heard him cry and yell "MAMA!" I think he freaked himself out that he was suddenly all wet. I am hoping this will get him to never do it again. I'm afraid this may be wishful thinking.
In the meantime, he is the cutest little shirtless boy I've ever seen.

Eating dinner and mesmerized by a show.

"What? I'm an angel."


susie said...

There's a reason why I take Rosie to the store or library in whatever she put on herself--it's NOT worth it to put on cute clothes and have her take them off, even in the car on the way there, then scream when I put them back on her. On Fri. it was her swimsuit at the library. Good luck with preston! And remember, duct tape totally works for keeping their diaper on, and you can even find cute colors at the local craft store.

Rachel and Brad Coons said...

I think it runs in the family...Brad does that all the time! Hahaha this post cracked me up

Mel said...

It is the worst when you're about to leave and see your child is naked or near naked. Steam starts to come out of my ears, especially when they're older and know better (Anya namely).

Em, it's so funny because I read this post on Sunday while Ryan was supposed to be taking his nap and I thought about how Ryan used to do this very same thing but stopped after one time he got poop on his hands - he hated getting his hands dirty like that. Then I heard Ryan not going to sleep and I went upstairs and he was literally buck naked! It was such a funny coincidence. Chris dressed him and then he did the very same thing a couple minutes later. And it's seriously been like 6 months since he's done that. Just thought it was funny he could read our minds.

Mandy said...

Oh my goodness! Eliza has started going in the opposite direction and wanting to wear as many clothes as possible at the same time. The other day she had on her normal outfit, then 3 big girl princess underwear's, her swimsuit and her easter dress on top. Reminds me of Chandler of Friends when he put as many clothes on as he could so that it wouldn't hurt when his girlfriend punched him, anyone remember that one?

Rob, Adrienne, Sam, Ada and Tony said...

I think we need to keep Ada and Preston apart for awhile because she is nakey all the time too. Eeek.