Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Swanston Water Park

Preston and I have loved getting together with friends each Wednesday to do something new and today we met at Swanston water park. It was Preston's first time at a water park and he was quite nervous. At first he was content to just sit and watch the others play in the water.

He wanted me to sit with him.
He didn't want to get close to the water without holding my hand.

He liked these water guns but wasn't too happy if he got hit by the person on the other water gun.
We took a break and had a picnic lunch. The whole group: Me and Preston, Larissa and Bailee, Brittany and Jake (Savannah was napping in the stroller), Marianne and Sienna, and Christina and Jett. We really had a great time.
After lunch everyone was leaving to get their kids home for naps but Preston was just getting started. He finally started getting in the water and was loving it so we stayed a little longer. Unfortunately these pictures and video are from my phone so they're not good quality.

This is pure joy. We will definitely be going back soon!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July

We had a very low key 4th of July this year and spent it with just Jim and Dee at Wes and Lani's house. They were out of town but we were lucky enough to be able to go use their pool and grill.
Aaron and I decided to practice more with cakes so here is our festive 4th of July cake :)

Preston had a blast with the water guns
Shooting daddy

Relaxing is where it's at.
We bought just a few fireworks, mostly sparklers and 2 bigger ones.

This picture is taken right before Preston took off running to the house. He liked the lights but I forgot to warn him about the noise and it scared him to death. Like, he was seriously terrified and kept trying to get inside. I felt so bad.

Happy 4th of July!!