Monday, February 25, 2013

Sick boys

Sick boys means lots of cuddling for Mama.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tanner's First Rice Cereal

 I've been thinking that Tanner was ready to start eating for a while but I kept putting it off because it is such a production. I decided that today was the day. He really wanted that food!

 Until he tasted it.
 I tried for the first time while Aaron was at work and Preston was the photographer.
 The second attempt with dad home went much better. I think men are definitely better at spoon feeding babies.

Mom trying again.
After feeding, Photo by Preston
My adorable boys
"Take a picture of me like this!"
"And like this!"

Sunday, February 17, 2013


One of my favorite things to see is Preston playing happily in the tub. 
He was giving his penguin a wash.

Friday, February 15, 2013

"Bear Cheeks"

The whole family got the cutest pjs from Grandma and Grandpa Carter for Christmas and I just love how Tanner looks in his.

This boy will just keep rolling until he can't roll anymore.

Monday, February 4, 2013

January Snapshots

January 2nd-Being adorable in the Bumbo. He couldn't stop looking at his daddy. He sure loves him.

January 3- Preston playing in the fort
Tanner's first time in the play chair. He was fascinated.

January 6-Making cookies with mom. Nothing better than licking the beater.

January 8-Tanner desperately trying to watch TV
He means business.
 January 12-Carousal aka horsies round and round with Dad
 January 13-In the adorable outfit Grandma Carter got him for Christmas

 January 15-He found his feet!

January 16-Preston was totally talking to Tanner and keeping him company. Such a good brother.
January 18- Preston riding his bike at the park
January 19-Aaron always loves to look at phones at the AT&T store and Preston just made himself at home in front of the football game. This boy loves his football.
Brothers together before bed
January 20-Being silly at church with Ritz crackers

January 24-Just being silly

Such a happy boy!

January 25- Tanner devouring a stuffed dog. Teething?
January 26- Chick-fil-a with cousins
Tanner was so happy as mom shopped at Target.
January 27
January 28- This is where Preston decided he wanted to take his nap. This was one of those "pick your battles" moments.
Tanner had been rolling around on the floor and then I found him laying still, just like this, watching Preston's show. This boy likes TV!
January was a great month!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Birthday Party

Today Preston went to a birthday party for his friend Cole who also lives in our complex. This was the first birthday party where Preston helped pick out the present and he was so excited to give Cole his present. He was pretty shy and stuck with me throughout the party and continually asked when it was time for presents.

They played the cutest game where they threw a ring and whatever candy it landed over was yours to keep.

 Cole, about to blow out the candles

 Preston kept trying to hand Cole his present but there were so many. Preston had to be patient.
 Showing Cole the motorcycle he picked out for him.

 He loved playing with this guitar, too.
Happy Birthday Cole!