Monday, August 13, 2012

Lake Tahoe

Dee had a great idea to take one more family trip before Tanner was born. We were able to go to South Lake Tahoe and stay in my great Auntie Velma's cabin. We had such a wonderful time!
Preston is relaxed and ready for the drive
Beautiful "pointy" trees. My mom always said we were in the mountains when we saw pointy trees.
Dee surprised Aaron and sent him and Hillary parasailing. Needless to say I was concerned about the safety of my husband, particularly right before a new baby, but he was safe and had a blast.

Preston got to hang out with Grandma on the beach while we were out on the boat. He loved the ducks but was a little mean by kicking sand at them.
We also got to take a lake dinner cruise on the Tahoe Queen!

There were gorgeous views and I loved seeing Emerald Bay for the first time. I want that mansion.
37 1/2 weeks pregnant.
I love this picture of Auntie Hilly holding Preston as the sun went down.
Thank you for a wonderful trip Jim and Dee! Hopefully we can go back again soon.

Preston Quotes

On July 15th I was putting on my dress for church and Preston looked at me and said, "Mommy, you're a princess!" Melt my heart!

When the painters put up a ladder and started taping off his bedroom window at the end of his nap "Mama! There's a dinosaur stomping out my window!"

Me: "Everyone is still sleeping. They need energy to play."
Pres: "Energy? That's not a word!"

Every night I sing Preston the same 3 songs while he is in bed. One night I just wanted to hurry up so I started singing quickly and Preston said, "Mama, that's too fast." He totally caught onto me.

On August 11th we went on the Tahoe Queen Lake Tahoe cruise and when we got back to shore Preston asked Aaron, "Is the water going to go down the plug now?"

And my all time favorite: in the last month Preston has begun to say "I love you" completely unprovoked. He says it fairly often and it absolutely melts our hearts.

One last one, Preston was really bummed when football season was over but we still had a game recorded until our cable box died. All summer he has been asking to watch football. We've been telling him that football will come back after Tanner is born. Last week was the first 49er's preseason game and we recorded it. I told him I had a surprise for him and put it on today and he was so happy and then said, "Tanner is coming. Tanner is here!" This boy has the best memory.

He really is such a smart boy and so good at articulating himself. He makes me laugh everyday and I'm so happy and grateful that he is ours.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Discovery Museum

For another Excursion Wednesday we went with the kids to the Discovery Museum. Preston was really excited about all the dinosaur stuff but I think he will like it even more when he is older.
He really liked working on this puzzle type tower.

A big alligator head with sharp teeth!
I loved how cute Preston and Jett were in the Pteranodon nest.

They even had the dinosaur train playing and benches set up like you were on the dinosaur train.
Preston's favorite thing in the whole museum was this little train that would zig zag down the wall. He could have done this for hours. You can tell that he is bouncing, which he does whenever he gets excited.