Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tanner is 18 Months!

Tanner is 18 months old. I cannot believe my little baby has grown into a little boy so quickly. He is such a joy in our family and we are grateful every day for him.
He is quite the little personality. He is happy and is constantly smiling. He is always flirting with ladies behind us in the checkout line with his adorable smile.
He loves his brother and tries to do whatever Preston does which includes jumping on the couch, trying to jump up and down, and mimicking what Preston says.
He loves to talk and knows so many words. Some of which are: the usual "no, yes, mama, dada, bro-bro" (Preston), "shoe" "sock" "moon" "show""yee-haw" "go" "up" "down" "ni-night" "pooh" (he sleeps with his Winnie the Pooh from GG Carter), "done" "balloon" "pizza" "Lisa" (from Gaspard and Lisa) "ball" "more" "Buzz" "Woody" "nose" "eye" "ear" "sorry" "book" etc. He knows how to communicate whatever he needs or wants and understands everything I say which makes my life a little easier.
He also makes my life much harder now that he is a climber. We cannot keep the chairs at the table because he will inevitably climb up. He also has climbed up on the dresser, the counter, the toilets, other people's tables and chairs. You basically always have to have your eye on him or he will be up on something.
He loves being included in what his big brother is doing. It has been fun when we have preschool at our house because he likes to sit in the carpet circle and do snack time and crafts at the table with the "big kids".
He is the best sleeper. He almost never cries when it's time to go to bed or take a nap. I just tell him it's time to go ni-night and he says ni-night and sticks his thumb in his mouth. He usually goes to bed between 7:30-8 and lately has been sleeping til 8:30-9:30 in the morning. He then takes about a 3 hour nap.
He loves goofing around and totally has a sense of humor. One of my favorite things he does is puts whatever he can on his head.



Here are a couple snapshots on Feb. 25 when he officially turned 18 months.

Trying to "cheese"
We love this boy so much!! And we're SOO glad he can go to nursery now!

Saturday, February 22, 2014


"Mom! I'm like those guys on the Olympics!"

I would not be surprised if this little athlete did do the skeleton someday...

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl

While the boys got together at Wes and Lani's house to watch the super bowl this year, it was so fun to have the girls and the kids party here. We had great food and such a fun time cheering for our teams (Go Broncos!) and dancing.

During half time, Bruno Mars