Thursday, July 26, 2007

Harry Potter!!!

This is Aaron, actually taking over and adding my first post...
OK, so for those of you who HAVEN'T read the 7th book yet, this post doesn't give away anything...don't worry.
So, after reading pretty much the best book I've ever read (not including the scriptures, c'mon guys) I feel like I have to hear how other people have felt about it, and see what questions you all have, since Emily is still in the process of finishing it and I can't currently talk to her--it's been KILLING ME!!!! Anyway, the other main purpose of this post was to include this link that I found on Entertainment Weekly's website--JK Rowling answers some questions about Book 7 that some readers have had (including myself) that weren't mentioned in the book. Copy and paste the link below, and check it out (unless of course you HAVEN'T read it!):

Let me know what you all think!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Our trip to Southern California

Last week we went down to Irvine to see Matt, Lyndsey, and Tommy. We had such a great time hanging out and going to Disneyland.
Tommy is an early riser and we were on a blow-up mattress in the family room. We woke up to him every morning.

Tommy loves the movies Cars and Finding Nemo. I thought he was watching the TV but I guess he was looking at me!

Here we are just watching a movie.

Tommy absolutely loves his choo choo.


The Castle By Day

I had never been to the restaurant in the Pirates of the Caribean ride so we went. And let me tell you, that place is not cheap!
We got to ride the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad 3 times

Astro Blasters-Watch out for Aaron

Just before the fireworks

The Castle By Night

One last picture before exiting Disneyland. We'll miss you.

Introducing Luna

On Wednesday at work, the maintenance found 2 kittens in a garage. They brought them in to the office and I just couldn't resist. After checking with Aaron, I brought home this precious kitty to see if we would want to keep her (at least we think it's a her). Over the past 3 days we have come to love our little kitty and finally named her last night, Luna.

Look at her blue eyes!

We were pretty discouraged at first because she was so scared of us. She used to just run to a corner and we couldn't get her to eat, drink, or go to the bathroom in her litter box. As of yesterday, she eats and goes in her litter box and today she mastered drinking her water from the bowl.
She even is playing!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fourth of July Spectacular!

We spent the day in Alamo hanging out with the family, and Anna's fiance Chris, who came in to town for a few days. We ate hot dogs and homemade icecream and went swimming.
We're proud to be Americans

Me and Anna

Us at the fireworks

Anna and Chris

My second cousins, Nicole and Kalesia, Brad and Aaron

Greg and Teresa

The Beautiful Fireworks

Anna's Engaged!

As some of you may know, Anna and Chris have been planning on getting married, but now it's really official. Yesterday (the 4th of July) Chris proposed with this beautiful ring.

Originally he was planning on asking her at the fireworks, but Teresa was ambitious and scheduled a photographer to come over at 6pm to take engagement pictures before Chris left today to go back to Utah. Chris felt like Anna had to have the ring for the engagement pictures, so in-between each of the members of the Coons/Carter family yelling at Anna and Chris to hurry up so they could take the pictures, Chris proposed. Here is one of their pics.