Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fun at the California State Fair

We always love having people visit us in Sacramento and it was so great to have Don and Maclaine come up and go to the State Fair with us. We had a great time and enjoyed the fair even though we didn't get to do too much.

Preston watching mom on the swings
Don and Maclaine

I'm so glad Preston had his Aunt and Uncle to take him on rides

Preston got so scared in this climbing place that Uncle Don had to climb up and pull him out. He refused to go down the short slide to the ball pit. Silly boy. If he only knew what fun he was missing out on with the ball pit....
Tanner was such a trooper
Mom and Pres on the airplane ride
Tanner with his Uncle Don, such a happy boy

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

No Hands!

Tanner has started to stand without holding on! It usually only lasts a few seconds because he gets scared and sits down but he is doing it. I can't believe he is getting so big!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July

It was so fun to celebrate the 4th of July in Utah this year! We woke up at the Thomas' house and had a delicious breakfast made by Mandy and Colin. We then packed up and checked in at our hotel in Provo. We were able to have a wonderful BBQ with Maclaine's family before we headed to the Mecham's and fireworks in the Pleasant Grove. Such a great day!

I wish I got more pictures at the BBQ but the cousins had fun climbing in the tree

We watched the fireworks from the front lawn of the middle school and it was an amazing view!

I love my little family

Sparklers while waiting for the fireworks show!

I was so impressed with how well both boys did. They are such champs and were happy despite it being late and being noisy.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


We had such an incredible trip to Utah and made so many great memories. Generally the boys did good on the car ride although Tanner wanted to stop every 2 hours. He really enjoyed playing in Winnemucca at McDonalds.

When we finally arrived at Mandy and Colin's in Heber after 2 days of traveling Tanner was happy to roll around in the grass.

It was so fun to watch Preston and Eliza together. They look like such a teenage couple in this photo. I love it.
Preston also figured out how to pedal by himself!

On Monday it was so fun to go to Provo and hang at Brad and Rachel's apartment and go back to BYU campus to show Preston some of our favorite things, including the Creamery. He loves being silly. Thanks to Rachel for keeping Tanner so he could sleep and so we could enjoy walking around!
And taking pictures of mom.
The HFAC Ticket Office where I used to work!
Of course we had to hit up Cafe Rio our first night. It ended up being quite the group with Steve and Carrie Mecham, Jim and Dee, Hillary and Mark, Brad and Rachel, Don and Maclaine and the 4 of us.
On Tuesday we met up with Mandy and Eliza in Salt Lake and played at the new play area at City Creek. The kids loved the dinosaurs.

Then we went to play in the fountains at the Gateway before meeting up with Mindy, Tari, Derreck, and Sheryl at CPK.
I love these two together.

Eliza and Preston, so precious.

We wore him out!
Wednesday was such an enjoyable day. Colin took half the day off and met us after work at the Park City Resort to do the Alpine Slide. Mandy and I stayed back with Tanner and the boys took the kids. Eliza and Preston weren't even scared!

We thought it might be fun to do something as couples so we got tickets on the Flying Eagle. It is a zipline that you ride together. It was quite anticlimactic, you hardly go far at all but still exhilarating. 

The kids loved the merry go round.

And we ended the night with the most delightful dinner at a delicious place in Midway. Thanks Mandy and Colin for such a great day!