Saturday, May 17, 2014

Father Son Campout

These pictures make me so happy. I love that Aaron was able to take Preston on his first Father Son Campout. My baby is growing up!! Preston was beyond excited to go.
He said his favorite parts of the campout were setting up the tent and when they were "going to sleep".

He found this stick right away, kept it the whole time and even brought it home!

He is too happy and silly to even sleep!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Front Yard Makeover

We knew when we moved in that the front deck was going to have to go sooner or later because it was completely rotted out and such an eye sore. With the beautiful spring weather we finally were able to get it done.
The boys loved helping and collected all the old screws in the bucket.
Trash Compactors

Papa, hard at work. When my dad was digging to find the pipes he barely knocked the pipe and it burst. We quickly realized the wrong type of pipe was in and our quick, easy job turned into something much more.

Lunch break!

What a difference!!!

My dad brought the 511 pound rock from the bay area. It it the perfect accent piece! Now to fill in everything else...