Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tanner is TWO!!

We had such a great week celebrating this little guy's second birthday! On his actual birthday we had the Carter's over for dinner and cupcakes. Tanner was surprisingly good at blowing and blew his candles out before we even sang!

He opened his gift from us, a Fisher Price See and Say game.

A few days later we got a gift from Grammie and Papa in the mail. Wooden blocks!
On Friday we headed down to the bay area to celebrate Tanner's birthday some more and to meet cousin Elsie!!
The boys thought she was just the cutest thing and loved to touch her hands and feet.
The next day we had Tanner's party with the Coons clan and Grama, Grandpa and Landon and Blayke. Swimming, BBQ, presents and cake!

Grammie had the great idea to have the kids all make melamine plates. So fun!

An awesome Little People Zoo from Grama and Grandpa, 

and some Hot Wheels from Aunt Anna, Uncle Brett and Kayden
Tanner got a huge cake and was too cute singing "Happy Birthday" with us.

We are so incredibly blessed to have this little boy in our family. I know I always say it but I cannot imagine life without him. He is the happiest, most enthusiastic guy I know. He makes everyone laugh because he will always answer your question, whether it is directed at him or not. 
Usually with an enthusiastic, "Yeah!" 
At two, he can talk so well. He is able to communicate anything he needs and adds multiple words to his vocabulary every day.  He is still a great sleeper but is asserting his independence much more. He doesn't like to take the time to nap each day anymore because he doesn't want to miss out, but once he's in his bed with his bunny, Pooh and dolphin I sing him a song and he goes to sleep. 
Sometimes he screams a little bit…
Preston has started preschool 4 days a week and Tanner is not happy about it. He wants to go too! He will often say, "I'm four" when asked how old he is, he wants to be big like Preston! Tanner and Preston love to play together and it's my favorite thing to watch.
He refuses to sit in his booster seat anymore because he wants to be big like everyone else. He is the best at imitating shooting noises, courtesy of his brother. He loves to read books and sing. He will even sit at the piano and plunk the notes while he sings. 
He is a joy and a light. Happy Birthday Tanner!!! We love you!

Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of Preschool 2014

This year we are doing 2 preschools! One with Ms. Cathy on Monday and Wednesday and the other is our mom's group preschool with our friends from last year on Tuesday and Thursday. Preston was so excited for his first day!