Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Preston is 4!!

It is incredible to me that my dear Preston is 4 years old today. It feels like he has always been here, and that he was just born! I couldn't imagine life without him. He brings us so much joy.

 At four years old, Preston is a ball of energy. He loves to be active and still jumps up and down whenever he is excited, which is a lot. He LOVES games and we are currently working on reeling him in on that. We got rid of our smart phones with games and are limiting time on the Wii. We hope that this will help him broaden his horizons as he is such an intelligent boy.
He is loving preschool and can already spell his name. He has recently really taken to drawing (I think inspired by his cousin Kayden) and loves to draw scenes from Mario or treasure maps. He also loves his lego duplos and builds castles and towers and Mario racetracks. He is getting so much better about playing on his own and I love watching his imagination run wild. He is so creative!
Preston has been so excited for his birthday and immediately upon waking in the morning he changes the number on our days until sign. He wrote every number himself and even used more than one color to make it pretty!

For his birthday breakfast he asked for an eggo with fruit to make a face. Strawberry hair, blueberry eyebrows and raspberry mouth.
He's excited it's his birthday!
 This was a "woo-hoo it's my birthday" arm in the air, 
and Tanner copied. Cute boys.
I made some vanilla cupcakes for Preston to take to Preschool today and he had fun with his friends singing him "Happy Birthday" and blowing out a candle.

After preschool we took Preston to get his birthday present, A FISH! He has been asking for a pet and we thought a fish would be a good start. I asked him in the car on the way there if he had any names for his fish and he said, "No. We can think about it. Actually! I have a lot of great names! Cocononi!" And Cocononi it is!

Preston really wanted to go to Chuck E Cheeses for his birthday so we did! He had a great time playing all the games (he loves games...) and we had a great time as a family.

Tanner using the top as a pacifier :)
Aaron had to go to mutual but we topped of the perfect birthday with frozen yogurt. I don't think this little boy could have asked for a better day.
Happy Birthday Buddy. We love you.