Sunday, July 20, 2014

Camping at Scott's Flat Lake

This summer we decided to go somewhere new to camp since our last summer's adventure at Big Trees included way too many bees, bears and smoke. We found out from some friends about a place called Scott's Flat Lake which is also where Aaron and Preston went on the Father/Son campout. It's only an hour away from Rocklin and we were so relieved that there were hardly any bees. The bears and smoke were another story...
We had a great campsite, right along the path to hike down to the water. It was wide open below us which was perfect for the boys, and the bears…
I had a really horrible time sleeping and it was especially bad because of the bears in camp. The first night I thought the noises might have just been critters but the next morning every garbage can in camp was turned over into the street. The second night I overheard the ranger tell people he just scared the bear away but he would be back and make sure to put all food and things that looked like food into cars. As we rushed back to our site to put away everything we could hear people in the campsite next door scaring the bear away and the dogs going crazy. Next year I have decided we are not camping in the mountains.
Hanging around camp

On Saturday we got to spend some time down at the lake and 
we had a great time even though it was smoky and rocky.

It really was a gorgeous lake.

The boys spent hours playing swords with sticks in the forrest.

Group shot
Family Shots

Alyssa and her future family :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Santa Cruz

We were lucky enough to be able to go to Santa Cruz with the whole Carter clan over 4th of July weekend. Jim and Dee rented a house a block from the ocean and we had the best time. We arrived on Thursday night the 3rd and had a great time hanging with the family. Hillary and Mark hooked us all up with Vivint shirts. Thanks guys!
We spent the 4th of July during the day down at the beach closest to the house. It happened to be the only dog beach in the area and it was fun to watch all the dogs go crazy. We had the best time lounging around on the beach while the kids played in the sand. It was a little chilly so there wasn't really much going into the water. We also got to see tons of little crabs in this arch and the wall of rock when the tide was out

 Love this!

After our day at the beach we went back to the house and played an awesome game of Phase 10 that is still to be continued. We BBQ'd and had a great time as a family. Then we headed down to the Pier to see if we might me able to view some illegal fireworks.

Thanks for all the candy Grama!
It got quite chilly but we totally lucked out with parking. We got the very first 2 spots on the pier, facing the board walk so we were able to go sit in our cars and watch an amazing firework show and keep warm!

This was the tail end before we headed home. Not too shabby!
That night we woke up to Tanner being sick and I also came down with the stomach flu. We took it easy while Preston went to the beach with the rest of the family and had a great time. 
I was feeling better enough by that evening to enjoy dinner on the Pier with the family. 
The food was so good!
The next day we spent at the beach, soaking up the sun and the waves. It was much warmer and we all (mostly) got into the water. I loved watching Aaron and Preston jump through the waves together. Preston LOVES waves. Most of the time we were at the beach he was jumping up and down watching them because he was so excited and happy.
Tanner enjoyed some snacks on the beach.
Flying kites!

So happy :)
The boys
All the grandkids with Grama
Giving me a cheesy "cheese"
Relaxing with mom
As you can see, Preston is jumping
Our little family
Our last night I sent Aaron to the boardwalk with Dee and Hillary while I stayed at home with the kids and everyone else headed home. Looks like they had a great time!

Thanks Jim and Dee! We had such a great vacation, can't wait for the next one!!