Friday, October 29, 2010


Wes was taunting Preston with this glowstick and he loved it.

Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch

Two weeks ago we were able to go to the Dell' Osso corn maze and pumpkin patch in Lathrop with my family and Aaron's parents. We had a great time, even if it felt like a summer day.

My dad, Alyssa, Tommy and Caitlin in the corn.

In the middle of the corn maze, on top of the bridge

Aaron and Alyssa guided us through the maze. Here they are checking out the map.

Yay, we made it!

We were so hot and dehydrated after our trek through the maze, even Preston. Here is his first sips of water from a water bottle. He did so good!

Pumpkin Preston

I tried to get some cute pictures of Preston smiling at me in the pumpkins but he was too fascinated with the pumpkins and dirt to even look at me.

In the wheelbarrow

After our adventures Aaron, Preston and I went back to the Carter's to relax and watch the Giants game. Preston loves hanging out with his Grandma Carter on the blow up mattress.

We had a great weekend and loved getting together with our family. We love fall!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Visit and 28

We were so excited when Matt and Lyndsey decided to come up with the kids for a visit. Since they were coming we decided it would be perfect to get together with my cousin Cherie and her husband and kids who live in Folsom. Everyone came over to our apartment (we are so happy to have a slightly bigger place so we can actually have people over!) and we had a pizza lunch. We then went to the park. Unfortunately I have zero pictures of this but we had so much fun! So much fun that we even got a call from our unhappy downstairs neighbors about the noise the kids were making running around :)
Cherie, Dave and the kids left after the park but Matt and Lyndsey came back to our apartment and took the kids swimming. We played around the apartment and then went to Costa Vida for dinner.
Caitlin was being so sweet with Preston. She was playing with him and giving him hugs.

Here are cousins Luke and Tommy. Luke was cracking me up with these silly faces he was making.

Caitlin loved running around these 2 and they just loved hanging out on this blanket together.

Matt and Lyndsey came to visit 3 days before my 28th birthday and they were so thoughtful to bring a delicious Katrina Rozelle cake.

Caitlin and Tommy were happy to help me blow out the candles

Thanks for a delicious cake and fun day! Come back soon!
On my actual birthday we forgot to take any pictures but I did get this one video.

He is crazy!
I also got to go shopping for some new clothes and Aaron and I went out to dinner. Of course Preston decided to throw a fit. He is usually so easy when we go out to eat but I don't think it's going to be easy any more. We left the first restaurant after getting our drinks because he wouldn't stop yelling or let me sit down. I decided to feed him and we tried again. We went to Outback and sat outside where there was no one around and stood holding him most of the time. We were glad we were able to do at least that and thankfully they were high tables so I could eat and stand. I was happy to be able to celebrate with my boys who I love so much. Here's to the 28th year!

Friday, October 22, 2010

October Cuteness

When my parents went out of town I went and stayed with Trevor and Alyssa for a few days. We had a great time but really missed Aaron who had to stay home and work :(
Here is a snapshot of Preston and I hanging out that I sent to Aaron
We got to stop and see Great Grandma and Grandpa Peirce-Grandpa had just taken a big fall so he was scratched up but still wanted to play with Preston.

Preston loves his Great Grandpa!
We also got to spend time with cousins. Here is Luke and Preston hanging out.

What buddies!
And here is Preston showcasing his crawling skills! I can't believe it!

Aunt Alyssa also had some fun taking pictures of Preston

We are so glad we live close enough to spend time with our family!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First Park Trip

I'm ashamed to admit it, but today I took Preston to the park for the first time, just Mommy and Preston. It was a beautiful day so we layed out the blanket and played with some toys.

He loved checking out the dogs and other kids at the park.

First time on the swings-HE LOVED IT!!!

He was so happy to swing and was not very happy with Mama when we had to go home.

I love my happy boy.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Calling Daddy

Preston was happily playing on our bed so I thought I would get a video of him. Then, he called his daddy.

7 Months

I feel like I blinked and Preston is now 7 months. Here is the last month in the life of Preston.

Every day we spend some quality time playing on the floor. I want to eat him up.

Preston after his 6 month shots. He was so sweet and cuddly.

Preston got his first "serious" fever that night because of the shots. At one point it was at 102.4 with Motrin and Tylenol! We were trying to cool him off with a wet rag. He didn't mind.

He's so sweet.

We got Preston the cutest little shoes. I adore this face.

Trying the sippy cup for the first time. Not so successful...

Hanging out with Daddy

Preston started doing the funniest thing. He will wrinkle up his nose and sniff. This night Dee was staying with us and he was continually wrinkling his nose and sniffing. It was cracking us up.

Turn up the volume for this video so you can hear the sniffs. Sorry it is sideways.

Grandma was also very good at making Preston laugh in his bouncer.

We finally finished Preston's nursery. The finishing touch was his curtains and I am in love with them. I still feel like something is missing, maybe something hanging from the ceiling in the corner or pillows on the rocking chair...I feel like it needs a little spice so I am open to suggestions!
It has been a great month and we are more in love with Preston than ever. He is still such a happy sweet boy and brings us such joy.