Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Carving Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins as a family this year was so much fun. Preston was extremely skeptical of the "guts".
He would only touch them with the scooper, and barely even then.

Preston's finished pumpkin! You can tell he's pretty happy about it.
Helping mom carve.

Mom and Preston's pumpkins...dad is still working on his since he carved 2 pumpkins.
He always chooses the crazy hard ones!
Our finished pumpkin family.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Preston at the Dentist

Today was Preston's 2nd dentist appointment and he was such a champ! We have been talking about what the dentist does and how it's not scary and he did great. The whole time he was pretty reserved and reluctant but he did everything they asked him to do and even sat in the chair by himself! I'm so proud of my brave boy.

This was the best I could get from him. It was either a smile looking away from the camera, or this looking at the camera. And Tanner was not screaming like this the whole time. He was sleeping the whole time, which was perfect. He just woke up at the end. I am proud of both my boys today!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Double Stroller

I have been thinking about getting a double stroller for a long time but wasn't sure what I should get. I did some research and continually checked on craigslist for something I would like. Finally, this stroller was posted and I got so excited! We have the Peg Perego carseat and this Peg Perego stroller accommodates that carseat and even is the same color. I couldn't stop thinking about this listing because it just felt so right. Then, I talked myself out of it.

Luckily my husband knew to tell me that we should just get it so we went for it and I'm so happy with it. It folds down easily and compactly and is light for a double stroller. It also fits through standard doors. We've taken 2 walks with it and the boys seem to love it too.
Taken on my phone so it's not the best quality....

Visit to the Temple

We have been talking about the temple in Family Home Evening and we always sing "I love to see the Temple" at night so we decided we should visit on Monday after picking up our new double stroller in El Dorado Hills (more on that in a minute).
Preston understands that the temple is a special place where you go to get married. That's about the extent of his understanding but I'm glad he knows that much and knows that mommy and daddy were married there. It was dark by the time we got there so just Preston and I got out to walk around the temple grounds.
I love how he just sat there looking at the temple for a few minutes. Maybe contemplating the eternities... :)

He really wanted to go in but it was closed since it was Monday. He was sad to leave but we told him we will go back soon during the day time. I hope he learns to love the temple as much as we do.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Mini Photo Shoot

 Preston was just being too cute so we decided to have a little photo shoot.
 I think he knows he's cute.
 Here's my lunch!
 Preston wanted to help take pictures of his baby brother.
 Happy in the swing.
And one of mom and Preston.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Fairytale Town

We seriously love it when Anna and Kayden come to visit and go to Fairytale Town and this time Tommy got to come to. It was even more fun because it was spontaneous. I randomly called the house and Anna answered. We were just talking and I found out the kids didn't have school that day. She was saying how she wanted to do something fun so I said, "come up here and we'll go to Fairytale Town". I'm so glad she was game. We had so much fun.
We met at McDonald's for lunch before hand and these three were all over the place.
In the teepee at Fairytale Town. Tommy and Kayden are being Indians.
Tanner is 6 weeks old.
If he gives a smile he will usually look away.
Three boys on the barn slide.

Making a wish in the well.

I love that Tommy was running on the Crooked Mile and when I said to smile he made this pose for me.
Preston in action.
I had the three boys on the ponies and was gonna take a picture when the unknown kid ran, got up on the horse and said "cheese".

They conquered the cheese.
Proof that I was there.

Getting all three boys to look at the camera at the same time was impossible! They were definitely sick of me saying, "Look at me! Say cheese!"

More wishes

On the pirate ship

I love watching them play together.
In King Arthur's castle. The sun was shining in perfectly.
Come back soon Anna! And anyone else who wants to visit or come to Fairytale Town with us is welcome!