Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fall TV Preview!

One of my (Aaron's) favorite things about the Fall are when all our favorite TV shows come back for their new seasons. We really do have lives outside of this hobby, but we have fun getting into these. Em and I have some favorites that we look forward to--we'll definitely be using the DVR!

"Heroes" -- haven't missed an episode, and don't start planning to anytime soon! I would definitely recommend this one. And if you haven't seen much of season one, no fear-you can borrow it from us when we buy it!

"Survivor" -- always a classic, and suprisingly hasn't gotten old after the first million seasons! This season is in China!

"House M.D." -- Last year's cliffhanger finale left us wondering if stubborn Dr. House will have any of his doctors left, as they all seemed to have quit on him. What will be the fate of the hospital and their patients if he is left by himself? They can't just get new doctors--it just wouldn't be the same without doctors Foreman, Cameron, and Chase!

"Lost" -- Season 3 FINALLY got good towards the end (the first half was a little slow), and then after the fantastic finale, we find out that Lost isn't returning until JANUARY! How lame is that? But we'll be there, oh yes.

"30 Rock" -- Tina Fey, comic genius + Alec Baldwin = dang funny show. Em's not the biggest fan, but Aaron has a few episodes on his iPod already. (And for those wondering, 30 Rock is short for 30 Rockafeller Center in NY where the show within this show is taped...)

...and we bid farewell to a few shows that aren't returning this season. It totally sucks, they were awesome shows, but most of you probably won't know because you didn't watch them--which is the reason they were cancelled! So thanks for nothing guys! haha...

"Crossing Jordan" -- A sharp cirme drama centered around the doctors solving muder mysteries from inside the morgue. And Jordan, the lead character, would always do whatever it took to help solve the crime, no matter what trouble she was getting into. At least it had a good 6-year run.

"The Nine" -- Truly devastating. This show was cancelled after only 7-8 episodes last season. The premise was about 9 people (hence the title) that were involved in a 52-hour bank robbery and held hostage. Every week we were given a little more about what actually took place, and how it all was really really good. Dang execs at ABC, don't know what good TV really means!

Anyway, now that you take a look at that, it looks like we're a couple of TV junkies! :) What will all you be watching?

Mary Kay

It is that time once again where I need to place a Mary Kay order if I want to stay a consultant. So, I am trying to determine whether or not I want to do that. Here's the deal: Let me know if any of you would be interested in getting Mary Kay products 50% off (at cost) because I need to have at least a $200 wholesale order. If enough of you respond then I'll go ahead and place an order. I do have to have it in by the 30th so let me know soon. Go to the website if you're not sure if there is anything you want. It's

Saturday, August 25, 2007

To our first 365 days...

Yes, we know it's been a few days since, but Aaron and I had our 1st anniversary on Sunday! I know, it wasn't as cool as like a Saturday where we could have done something more fun--so we just went out to eat on Saturday AND Monday to make up for it :) We can't believe how time flies! Can you all believe that this was a year ago? :) After I got my present from Aaron--which was gift certificate to an hour-long massage at a downtown Sacramento spa--I decided that I love anniversaries! haha...Anyway, it's been a wonderful year!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

2 out of 3

We had such a great weekend because we were able to see both Kayden and Landon. On Sunday we drove to Alamo and got to go hold Kayden. He is seriously so tiny although he is now 3lbs 8oz. He is doing well. His feeding tube is through his nose (which is a step up from through the mouth which is shown in this picture) and they can't hear his heart murmur anymore. Anna and Chris get to go hold him an hour a day and they are feeding him Anna's milk. Can you believe how tiny he is?

On Monday when we got back from Alamo we went to Wes and Lani's and got to see Landon. Isn't he getting big? He is now just over 3 months and cute as ever. And, can you believe his red hair?! It's like Tommy's!

Saying Goodbye

It's been a week and I just thought we should admit to you all that we gave away our Kitten, Luna. Here's the cute as she was we didn't think we could handle any more scratches on our feet, legs, hands, arms, and chests. Every day when we'd come home from work all she would want to do is play. After an hour or so of letting her chase around a string we would get tired and want to sit for a minute but she would never allow it. She would begin attacking (biting and scratching) whatever she could and it just got old. We think she would have been much more calm if we were home throughout the day but since we both work it's impossible. We posted an ad on Craigslist and we had 10 or more people call within just a few hours because she is so dang cute. We gave her away to a great family who has another cat she'll be able to hang out with. It's for the best and we feel it in no way reflects our ability to take care of another (no wise cracks about how we'll be able to handle children, babies don't bite and scratch). We just weren't home enough for her and know that she'll be way happier in this new home, not cramped in a one bedroom apartment by herself. We kind of miss her but it way out weighs having to deal with her. Farewell Luna.

Monday, August 6, 2007

A Wedding and a Baby

This may have been the craziest weekend of our lives. Anna and Chris got married on Saturday August 4th at our home. It was the perfect day for a wedding and things went really well.

Anna and Chris left around 9:45pm and we got a call from Anna at 3:37am that she was having contractions (she had had some Saturday morning too). We told her we'd meet her at the hospital and my mom and I got there around 4am. They took her to triage and after discovering that she was already dialated to a 5 they admitted her. After contractions from 1 to 4 minutes apart all night they decided to break her water at 9:50 and Kayden Max Cervantes was born Sunday August 5th at 9:59 am. He weighed 3 lbs 6 ounces and was 17 3/8 inches long. He was 10 weeks early so he is in the Intensive Care Nursery and may be there until his due date which was October 12th (my birthday). He is doing well and Anna is already home from the hospital.

He is so precious and tiny. It's kinda sad that noone can hold him yet. I think he looks like Chris.

Here is a video of the little guy.

Here he is with his eyes a little open