Thursday, June 28, 2007

Summer Fun

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Matt, Lyndsey and Tommy came up to spend a few days in Alamo. Tommy spent a lot of time helping Grandpa (see previous pics) and right after helping Grandpa mow the lawn he started helping Grandpa water. I think he got a little distracted by the water and ended up getting totally soaked.

Trying to drink the water

He finally got the hang of it, but his pants were so wet they were falling off. It was just easier without them.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Giants vs. A's

Last Friday night we drove in to San Francisco for the Giants vs. the A's at AT&T park. It was the first time I had ever been and I absolutely loved how the park overlooks the bay. We went with the Carter's and had to meet them there since we both work so we missed the first hour. Then, we had to leave early to drive all the way back to Sacramento since we both work Saturdays. Even though the Giants lost (the Carters are big Giants fans) it was a fun game.

The beautiful AT&T stadium!

Aaron's 23rd Birthday!

This week Aaron turned the big two-three. For his birthday we went out to dinner with his family and then came back to our apartment for Baskin Robbins cake and presents. Aaron got a new phone which we are both excited about. I was sick of Aaron complaining about his old phone, and Aaron was sick of compaining about his old phone. Although we ordered a black Samsung flip phone, it came in white and we ended up really liking it. We are enjoying the new games we get to play on his phone. Aaron says he does not feel older, but Emily is glad that they are only a year apart now (23 & 24) instead of 2 years (22 & 24). Too bad it will only last 4 months...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Let's not forget Tommy...

Our other nephew, Tommy, is cuter than ever and getting bigger every day! Here's a few pictures from a few weeks ago when the whole family stopped by our place for a visit. Tommy couldn't resist helping Greg with fixing the vacuum--he used car keys that he grabbed from his mom as his screwdriver! He loves projects with Grandpa. You should see the pictures of him with Grandpa on the tractor--we'll post them when we get them.

Monday, June 11, 2007


After finally giving in to peer pressure, I have attempted to design a blog page. Let me tell you-there is a reason I didn't have a blog. I can't do it! This is way too hard and I can't get the design the way I want it. Yes, I can do a post but how fun is that if I don't like the design. Any helps?

Landon Carter

The latest addition to our family is our nephew, Landon. This is one of the best pictures we have of him. Isn't he cute, and doesn't he look like his uncle Aaron?

Fine! I'll start a blog!