Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Nursery in Progress

This weekend we were able to get our crib and dresser set up. Before now we have had an empty room, waiting to become a nursery. It definitely feels more real now that we are actually putting together a room for our son.

Setting up the crib Friday night.

Aaron, patiently assembling the many pieces of the dresser

The "finished" product. We have a lot of decorating to do and many more things to bring in to make this nursery complete.

We ABSOLUTELY LOVE our crib and bedding!

We feel like maybe we are a little ready now if he came early.


I can't believe the last time I posted a belly picture I was only 17 weeks. So, here is the progression from then to now-35 Weeks.
20 Weeks

25 Weeks-in Hawaii

28 Weeks

30 weeks-with Adrienne 26 weeks

35 Weeks-Today

Only 5 weeks to go!