Saturday, September 24, 2011

Feeding Himself

I love watching Preston try to feed himself. He now insists almost every time he's eating that he have his own fork or spoon. My favorite is when he has to pick up the food and set it on the spoon cuz he can't scoop it or he lifts it to his mouth and completely dumps all the food out.

Great job son!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our New Place

When we moved to Sacramento from Roseville we knew about a small 26-unit apartment complex that had super low rent but it was a wait list and since we were in a hurry to move we chose a great priced 3 bedroom at the Glenbrook Townhomes. We felt strongly that it was the right place for us and greatly enjoyed our almost 5 months there. We had great landlords and just loved the place.
Around the beginning of August we started feeling like we should be saving more money and decided to put our names on the wait list at Scottish Gardens. It would be way cheaper, still in the ward and tons of ward members live here. So, we put our names on the wait list and got a call about a week later that one was available. We really had no intention of moving so soon but we couldn't pass up the opportunity! We also got one of only 2 townhomes in the complex so it wasn't too different from our current place (besides horrific old carpet and old fixtures...but it's worth it!!). We ended up getting our keys September 10th and moving day was September 17th. Things went so smoothly with the move and I was so happy that my mom came up to help me pack and move the kitchen over. That's my least favorite part!
This is our place right up front
Here are some pics of the inside before moving in:

Master Bedroom and Preston :)

Love this shelf in the stairway

Spacious Bathrooms

Preston climbed in his bassinet while we were moving, he has grown so much!!
Dinner in style :) That's how things go when you're moving.
Getting packed and moved in such a short amount of time felt crazy but we are here now and just love it.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Preston's First Day in Nursery

Preston turned 18 months old last week and is finally old enough to go to Nursery! We were so excited and knew that he would have a great time.
Here I am dropping him off.

Right to the toys! He had no problem with us leaving.
After nursery Aaron went to pick him up but they were doing bubbles and Preston didn't want to leave!
When Aaron brought him to me in Primary he was so excited to see me and said "Hi Mama!" and gave me a big hug. He was in such a great mood!

Enjoying his after church snack

And later, watching the 49ers game with dad.
What a great day!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day

We had such a nice, relaxed Labor Day. Aaron got up with Preston and I got to sleep in (thank you Aaron!!) and once I woke up we lounged around and played with Preston. We tried to put Preston down for a nap but he refused so we decided to take him to Walgreens to get out some energy while mom did some couponing. When we got home he went down for a nap and Aaron and I sold our patio table. It was a bittersweet parting but we couldn't keep it because we don't have a patio at our new place.
RIP Bistro set
When Preston woke up we went over to Wes and Lani's for a Labor Day BBQ with the family and some friends. It was so relaxing and the food was delicious.
Sacramento has a big Old Town Sacramento event on Labor Day so after the BBQ we headed to Old Town.
By the time we got there they were closing up shop but we got to see the horses and Preston got to pet them.

They put dirt over the roads and made Old Town really look authentic.
What era are we in?

Happy Labor Day!

Monday, September 5, 2011

18 Months

Preston is 18 months old today. I simply cannot believe it. Time is flying by and my baby is now a little boy.
In the aisle of Walgreens
He is such an incredible boy and surprises me each day with how smart he is. For example, today we pulled into our parking spot and he says "Yay! Home!" He knows the word "home"?! He says so many more words and just loves to talk. Some of the new things he says:
"No"-This one is a constant. He sometimes is even saying no when he really means yes.
Another favorite is "hot". Everything is hot.
"Blueberries" "Strawberries" "Tree" "Ball" "Birdie" "Fly" "Outside" "All gone" "All done" "Bite"
He also mimicks everything I say. Tonight I was telling him he was making me mad by throwing his food on the floor and he kept saying "mama mad" over and over again.
He also is getting better at making animal noises although he definitely prefers monkey and lion sounds. He has started doing an elephant noise while he raises his arm to be the trunk.
He absolutely loves to play and always wants to be outside. He will wake up and go to the sliding door and say "outside". He loves to play in the dirt and throw it all over the ground and into his little pool. He also manages to get his toys in every corner of the house in a matter of minutes.
He is so good at throwing the ball and has really good aim and force. I am beginning to really worry about our pictures and TV because he has such a strong throw. We are trying to teach him to only throw balls but he constantly is throwing his toys at us and we have the bruises to show for it.
He brings us so much joy and we can't imagine life without him. That being said, we CAN'T WAIT for him to go to nursery next week!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

BYU Football Game

It was so much fun to have Aaron's friend from work, Kyle, and his wife and daughter, Whitney and Addy, over for one of the first BYU games of the season. Their whole family was sporting BYU attire so we made sure Preston joined in (do Aaron and I really not have any BYU T-shirts!?!).
Preston and Addy loved playing with the toys

Such a doll!
Daddy and Preston watching the game

Preston was running around crazy for most of the game but every once in a while he'd get really into it


"Look at that!"

"Great play!"

We had great food, great company and and enjoyed a great game where BYU won! Go Cougs!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Swinging with Dad

We absolutely love the park near our new home we are moving to next week. Preston wants to go daily and we do our best to appease him. It's always fun when dad can go with us. Here's dad and Preston on the swing.

Sorry it's sideways...

Car Wash

We took the Honda through the car wash today thinking it wouldn't bother Preston at all since we've taken him through one once before. Unfortunately he didn't think it was fun this time.
"What's happening....?"


"I'm not so sure about this."

"Get me out of here!"

"Ok, I guess I'm ok."

Later daddy was trying to distract Preston with his glasses. It worked!