Friday, April 19, 2013

Sacramento Zoo

Today we went to the Sacramento Zoo for one our excursions. I am so glad we are starting weekly excursions again because it gives us something fun to look forward to each week. It was a small group this time but we had a great time.
 Preston and Jett in the Reptile House
 This is the "I'm smiling MOM!" smile

 I never knew flamingos had black on their wings!

 Tanner is happy as can be in his stroller
 Watching the monkey
 Tanner, Alexis and Preston


 Amara and Preston playing so nicely on the dump truck
 River Otter
 Amara and Preston Stylin'

Train Ride! I sort of wish they didn't even have this train at the Zoo since the kids seem to care about this more than the animals....

Such a great time with such great friends!

Friday, April 5, 2013


Whenever we visit the family in Alamo we usually just hang out at my parents house. I thought this time it might be nice for just the adults to go out to dinner without kids. We had such a great time and definitely will make this a more regular thing. We are so grateful to Alyssa for taking one for the team to watch Preston, Tanner and Kayden. She will definitely be at the next one!
 Aaron and I were brave and ordered our own sushi. It was really good!

Juliette snuck in but she behaved herself and slept most of the time. Such a fun time, can't wait for the next one!