Tuesday, March 1, 2016


February 2
I think it's safe to say that Tanner loves his brother.
February 3
He likes the swing!
February 4
I just love this sequence of photos of Preston. Shows his sweet and silly personality.
February 5
Sleeping angel
February 7
My big sleeping angel. Sometimes being 3 can be really tiring.
Preston really loves his brother
February 8
Lleyton's first walk. Picking up Preston from school.
February 9
He's a happy boy!!
Smile on camera

February 10
I just love this little ear print on my arm from holding my sleeping baby.
February 14
Love this dinosaur outfit!
Sweet Smile
February 19
Preston's kindergarten had a special President's Day performance. 
Tanner and I loved being able to go and watch him sing and parade with his class.

February 20
For Blayke's 6th Birthday she had a party at the roller skating rink. It was a Star Wars theme and Lani went all out! Blayke was even dressed up as Rey and looked awesome! The light sabers and masks were a huge hit!

It was so much fun to watch my 3 boys roller skate!

February 23

February 24
Spring is in the air
February 25
We went down to Alamo and Lleyton got his quilt from Grammie. We love it!
While we were there Turbo escaped out the front door while Tanner and Juliet were walking on the front porch. As Tanner reached the driveway and step, Turbo turboed past, knocking Tanner flat on his mouth. It was quite traumatic with lots of blood but luckily I had Lyndsey and Papa there to grab Tanner and rush him to get cleaned up.
February 26
The next day it looked a little better....
My life with my 4 boys <3 p="">
February 27