Monday, June 23, 2014


Since we watched Matt and Lyndsey's kids for 9 days while they went on a cruise, we earned some time away for ourselves. We decided a trip to Utah, just the 2 of us, would be so much and we'd get to meet our newest niece and nephew.
Jim and Dee rented us a car for the road trip and we had the best time in our spacious Nissan Altima! We were shocked that we made the trip to Utah, around Utah including to Heber and SLC, and back to CA on 2 1/2 tanks of gas!
We got to stay with Mark and Hillary and had a great time just hanging out.
Caleb is so tiny and is the happiest baby ever!
We had such a great time visiting my alma mater. We love BYU!
Later that day we met up with Don and Maclaine, Elsie and Brad to go the American Fork fair.

Followed by a movie night at Don and Maclaine's, "For the Love of Willadean".
One of the funnest days was at Cowabunga Bay where we hung out in our private cabana, ate, talked and played on the water slides. Why didn't I take more pictures! Love this Elsie girl.
Lyndsey sent some picture updates of what the boys were doing while we were away.

Looks like they had a great time too!
Preston and Tanner got some BYU loot when we got home. 
It was so great to see these boys after a whole week!