Saturday, April 28, 2012

Asparagus Festival

We were so happy to be visiting Jim and Dee in Manteca when it was the weekend of the Stockton Asparagus festival. We had never been before and had such a great time enjoying all the activities.
Preston especially loved riding the train with Daddy

Then Aaron won a prize, an alligator for Preston.
Preston really wanted to go on all the rides that were too big for him but he was allowed to go on the ferris wheel. It made me feel a little sick and he got scared at the top and tried to climb out but overall a very fun experience :)
In addition to some fun rides and games I got to try fried asparagus which was delicious. I didn't venture out to asparagus ice-cream though. We had such a great time and Preston loved being spoiled by his grandparents. Maybe we should make it a yearly tradition?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Enjoying Breakfast

This boy woke up happy!
All set with his food, football and football on the tv in the background.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Waking up on Easter morning with a toddler is so much fun. Preston was very tentative with his basket, not sure why it was there or what he was supposed to do it, but with our encouragement he got into it.

The football eggs were the biggest hit. And how fun is it to eat jelly beans first thing in the morning!

My handsome boy after church

Happy Easter

We had such a great time spending Easter in Alamo this year. It was a perfect day and the kids loved being outside. Preston absolutely loved feeding the horses next door.

The cousins and the dog working on a fort of some kind.

Such a picturesque setting. I love the mustard seed.

Ready for the egg hunt, youngest to oldest.

The very first egg Preston found was a football egg and he was so pumped about it. Right away he wanted it opened and didn't really care about finding any other eggs.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner and Lyndsey made these awesome bunny cakes for dessert.

We are so lucky to be able to live close enough to our family to enjoy holidays liked this together. We are even more grateful for our Savior whose life and Resurrection we celebrate.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Preston's First Dentist Appointment

Today my big boy had his first dentist appointment. He did okay but really didn't like laying down in the chair even though they had "Cars" playing on the ceiling. I ended up having to hold him facing me and then lay him back into the dentists lap for a short cleaning and fluoride treatment. He was pretty good but wasn't so sure about the whole thing so he often clenched his teeth closed so she couldn't get his teeth. After some bribing with a balloon he finally opened a little and said "ahh". I should have gotten a picture during the cleaning but forgot so here he is in the car with his toy and balloon.
He is growing up so fast!