Tuesday, March 25, 2008


On Saturday afternoon we had a big Easter party with an egg hunt for the apartment complex. We had food, egg dyeing, face painting, games, and of course, the egg hunt. Here are some pictures of the festivities.

On Sunday we celebrated Easter with the Carter family at Wes and Lani's house in Sacramento. I was in charge of making the deviled eggs, crescent rolls and dessert. For Christmas Wes and Lani gave me this great Dessert book so I decided to make the Sponge Cake with Cream and Strawberries. It may have the hardest thing I've ever baked. Here is how it turned out.

Delicious, right? Too bad it didn't taste quite as good as it looked. I don't know if I made it wrong or if it just isn't the greatest recipe. Don't get me wrong, it tasted good, just not as great as I was hoping.
Here are some pictures of the family hanging out and enjoying a lot of great food.

Me and Aaron

The Family at the Dinner Table-what a gorgeous day!

The Cooks

Enjoying the Meal
Landon is really turning in to a little boy. Here he is looking up at his Uncle Aaron as well as some pictures and a video of him being so dang cute.

Isn't he so funny? Anyway, we had a great Easter, and we hope you all did too!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Today I got my hair done since it's been more than three months since I last got it highlighted. Rather than getting just a few highlights, I got a lot. The goal was to get it back to the color it was when we got married. What do you think?

In case you didn't know how dark it was, here is a picture of us from Valentine's day which we never posted. The flowers, vase, and balloon in the background Aaron had delivered to me at work. I loved them!

My new hair color will definitely take getting used to but I like it and so does Aaron.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


So, here is a new post. I know it's been a while but I haven't felt like I have had anything great to post about. I am still going to do my tagged post but I've been putting it off because I want to be creative. I also have been wanting to do a post about the book "Cane River" recommended by Susie. So here is my review of "Cane River".
I loved it! Thanks for recommending it, Susie. What I loved most is that it is historical fiction about the author, Lalita Tademy's, family. I loved how we get to look at 4 generations of women who really lived and the amazing and tragic experiences they had. It really made me want to focus on my family history because I'm sure that there are amazing stories and experiences I could discover.
Something else I wanted to post but forgot my camera, this weekend was my Dad's 60th birthday. Luckily Anna did a post about this so refer to her blog. I will try to be better about posting because I know how annoying it is to keep checking someone's blog and have nothing new. If you're not going to post, why have a blog? Right?