Thursday, August 25, 2011


I'm not sure whether I should put this out there for all to read but...
When I was a youth, every year at Girl's Camp we would tie blankets and enter our names in to win one. Even though I spent my fair share of time tying blankets I never won one. It was only due to my sweet level one girls putting my name in for the drawing that I finally got my blanket my last year of Girl's Camp, right before my senior year of high school.
I started sleeping with my blanket because it was so comfortable to keep around my face and over my arms when I would kick my feet out of the covers. Here we are 12 years later and, yes, I still sleep with my blanket! It's not like I have to have it to sleep or anything and when we go on vacation I leave it behind. It's not an emotional comfort, it's a physical comfort!
All that being said, the edges have started to pull apart and so I took on my very first binding project!

It's not so pretty close up but it does the trick and hopefully I'll have many more years of sleeping with my blanket. :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Brad and Rachel's Wedding

On Saturday, August 20th my brother Brad and Rachel were married in the Oakland Temple. It was such an incredible day and we are so happy to have Rachel as part of our family. It was also special for Aaron and I because Patriarch Johnson officiated and he officiated our sealing 5 years ago. It was neat to be reminded of the covenants we made and hear some things that were reminiscent of what we were told 5 years ago.
The only picture we got before the reception is this one of Preston after leaving the Temple. He was a tired boy!

Rachel was a BEAUTIFUL bride (I love her dress) and Brad was glowing all day. We are so happy for them.
First dance
Father Daughter/Mother Son Dance
Such a sweet picture of Brad hugging my mom after their dance. She is so tiny next to him.
While I was over taking pictures Aaron, Jim, Dee and Hillary were at our table in the corner
Us :)
Daddy and Me
Cutting the cake
Smashing the cake
Rachel poses for the cameraThe back of Rachel's beautiful dress
About to throw the Bouquet
The toss-I love the anticipation from all the girls in the background!
The Garter
Brad shocked us all when he really went for it!
It was so fun having the Carter's with us! Dee, Jim, Hillary, Me and Aaron
Auntie Anna and Preston. Could he be any cuter in his little bow tie? I don't think so. Lyndsey did such a great job making it.
Caitlin is as precious as can be enjoying her cake
Lyndsey, Sandi Scott and I did the flowers for the wedding. Here is one of the table arrangements. They turned out so beautiful and I love the colors!
The getaway car-awesome decorations! My favorite is "Caution: Red-headed babies approaching" LOL
Lyndsey, Jessica and Me
Preston also enjoyed the cake and loves using the fork himself
Mom and Me
Lyndsey, Dee, Preston and Anna-Getting the bubbles going for the couple to come through
Here they are! Loved Rachel's outfit...

Brad hugging my dad goodbye
And they're off!!!My handsome husband
After Brad and Rachel left the music was still on and Preston started dancing. It was adorable to watch him get his groove on.

My boys
Happy Family
I was trying to get a close up shot of Preston with his bow tie but the flash kept making him squint and blink. He's still adorable!

Mom and Preston
Congratulations Brad and Rachel!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Disneyland and California Adventure

Getting a 4 day pass to Disneyland was the best thing ever! We got to go the first day with just us and Hillary and Tatiana. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for watching Preston!!!

Hillary, Tatiana, Me and Aaron
The Castle :)
In line for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad-Aaron and I love this ride!
We got SOAKED on the Grizzly River Run and laughed our heads off the whole ride. We were freezing after but it was worth the laughs.

You can't tell but my pants and entire back are soaked.
LOVE Astro Blasters!! And I beat Aaron!

Tower of Terror-I was terrified and so was Aaron even though he looks surprisingly brave in this picture.
It's been a long day-we're exhausted!
The second day was with Preston and Grandma and Grandpa.

In line for Mr Toad's Wild Ride

Preston's first ride. I forgot how creepy this ride actually is! Luckily Preston wasn't even phased. He pretty much had the same expression on every ride-he was just trying to take everything in.
Grandma and Grandpa Carter on It's a Small World
Our Little Family
While Aaron was in line for Dumbo I took Preston on the Carousel. Same face as all the other rides. I couldn't get this kid to crack a smile!

On the Heimlich's Chew Chew train with Grandma
Mom and Preston on Flik's FlyerTurns out all we really needed to do was go to the parking lot. Preston was entertained going up and down this curb for so long! He really is mastering stepping up and down and not having to get down and crawl. It actually is turning out to be dangerous because sometimes he thinks he can step down huge steps and he can't yet!

Preston loved this slide in Goofy's yard in Toon Town. He was so good at doing it all by himself.

Preston with Tatiana

In California Adventure in front of the Carousel
The Castle at night
The last 2 days we went with the Coons family who came down for a week of Disneyland. It was perfect that both our families decided to take a vacation to Southern CA during the same time so we could go on both family vacations!
August 3rd, 2011
In line for Heimlich's Chew Chew Train
On the ride with Aunts Alyssa and Anna

On the Ferris wheel in CA Adventure
We celebrated Kayden's birthday the day before with a delicious dinner at the Grand Californian Hotel

Happy Birthday Kayden!!
August 4th, 2011
Daddy took Preston on the Flik's Flyers ride and got the same Raisin box as I was in with Preston!
Preston was fascinated with the animals on the Jungle Cruise
Preston and I on Astro Blasters-He LOVED it. And, yes, I helped him out a little bit.
Aaron and I about to go on Splash Mountain
Aaron, Preston, my phantom body, Anna, Grandma, and Alyssa. Preston was laying his head on my shoulder and raised it just when the picture was taken. We cracked up when we saw this because it makes it look like my head is missing and we are about to go on the Haunted House!
Aaron stayed at the parks with my siblings while I took Preston back to the hotel. I LOVE this picture of Alyssa and Aaron on Splash Mountain right before they came home.