Monday, March 5, 2012

Preston is 2!!

Preston turned 2 on Monday March 5, 2012. We had already had his party on Saturday but decided that in honor of his birth day we would go to dinner at Chevy's. It was definitely more for Aaron and I because Preston of course didn't really care about eating out. He was happy to play on the floor by our table with his new doggy monster truck and climb all over us.
After dinner we had a cupcake for him and we really were looking forward to watching him blow out his candles. We thought for sure he wouldn't be shy with just his parents watching but he refused to blow out the candles!

Yum! Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!!


susie said...

Love him, Em! Once they're two, they just start getting more and more fun! I want to eat at Chevy's! They don't have them out here, and it always reminds me of you and Mel and Min etc.