Saturday, March 17, 2012

Preston's Latest Thing

About 2 weeks ago Preston decided it would be more fun to have his clothes off than on. This includes his diaper, which is very scary for me. It is driving me crazy to have Preston all dressed and ready to go and then find that he has taken everything off and I have to get him ready again. Usually he will go off by himself or go under the table because he knows it is a no-no. Yesterday he woke up from his nap, took off his clothes and his diaper and peed in his bed. I had no idea he was even awake until I heard him cry and yell "MAMA!" I think he freaked himself out that he was suddenly all wet. I am hoping this will get him to never do it again. I'm afraid this may be wishful thinking.
In the meantime, he is the cutest little shirtless boy I've ever seen.

Eating dinner and mesmerized by a show.

"What? I'm an angel."

It's a BOY!

We were so anxious for today to find out if we are having a little boy or a girl. I was convinced it was a girl but Aaron said he'd been having doubts this last week about having a girl and really thought it could be a boy. He was right! We found out that this little one is going to be a BOY! I was (and still am) in complete shock. I even asked the ultrasound tech if he was sure, like 100% sure. He said he was. We are so excited for Preston to have a little brother and cannot wait to meet this little boy! Boys are the best!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Preston is 2!!

Preston turned 2 on Monday March 5, 2012. We had already had his party on Saturday but decided that in honor of his birth day we would go to dinner at Chevy's. It was definitely more for Aaron and I because Preston of course didn't really care about eating out. He was happy to play on the floor by our table with his new doggy monster truck and climb all over us.
After dinner we had a cupcake for him and we really were looking forward to watching him blow out his candles. We thought for sure he wouldn't be shy with just his parents watching but he refused to blow out the candles!

Yum! Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Preston's 2nd Birthday Party

For Preston's 2nd Birthday we had a party in Alamo with the family. We decided to make it sports themed because of his obsession with all balls and made a football cake. It turned out pretty good!

The decorations
Preston was just waking up from a nap when the party began. It took him a little while to warm up to everything.

With the leftover cake we cut from the football we made cake pops and they were a huge hit.
He can't even focus on the camera to take a picture with mom because the cake pop is so good.

A cute shot of the birthday boy
He got so many great presents and all the cousins loved helping to open them.

He got really shy when it came time to sing "Happy Birthday" and blow out the candles but he managed to do it.

Luke was peaking over the table and was happy to help Preston blow the candle, or eat the cake if Preston needed help.
Uncle Trev loved the party hats.

Some pictures of the action...

Happy 2nd Birthday Preston!! We love you!!!